Air Conditioning and Heating Company Ratings and Reviews

At S & S Air Conditioning & Heating Inc, our customers are valued. We enjoy working with all of them. Here are a few testimonials from some of our customers:


"excellent company...highly recommend for all your service needs..they are dependable and quick to respond...
thank you, Gary and Co.."

Michelle C.

"More than once S & S has saved the day for me and the lovely Senior I cared for. Gary and his crew cleared a hole in their schedule to make an emergency service call to get her unit up & running again even though it was quitting time. It was amazing to hear them say " Hey, We have seniors in our family and it's important that they don't overheat~ We'll be right there!" And they were. Past usual business hours. ( The unit had broken a blade & was rendered useless). We moved her to the other end of the house for the night (with a working unit)(She had to sleep in her Lazy Boy) In a blink of an eye her new A/C was cooling her bedroom & she was cool, comfortable, and SAFE from heat induced stress. On another occasion there was a drain line problem, caused by another company -who sold "homeowner service contracts" taking advantage of widowed old ladies. Same story~ S & S to the rescue. Not only did they unscrew the screwed up mess those Monkeys jury rigged, the S & S crew investigated & completely re-plumbed the line & sump. But wait, there's more!! While the boys were on the roof they saw issues that needed to be repaired and saved my gal from having an inevitable, MAJOR roof leak. Five stars X 10"

Margie E.